Tapion House

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Medicine is practiced by teams. 

Doctors, technicians, nurses, administrators and many more. 

Each enhancing and enabling the art of healing and care. 

All are vital. 

All are valued. 

All are appreciated.

Medical Professionals that serve the needs of the people of St Lucia or the animal populace of St Lucia are greatly valued by us.  Therefore, we are very proud and happy to announce that we provide the same discount to those medical professionals that come to St Lucia for work or a "working holiday" as we do to our military veterans.  So, whether you are a doctor, nurse, imaging technician, dentist, veterinarian, health care administrator or guest lecturer, we are please to extend a 10% discount on all our rates.  This is cumulative with and in addition to all our other offers, except our Military Discount.

Also, thank you to all the medical professionals that make the journey to St Lucia to provide top-notch care.  Your compassion and concern are inspiring and humbling.