Tapion House

Home.  By The Sea!

With so much to see and do in St Lucia, we know you need more time here!  So, we have two standing discounts to make that easier for you to do.  So, whether you need a few more days to explore St Lucia's culture, historic sites, great shopping or stunning beaches, we have a way to help you budget for that!  These two discounts apply to both of our suites and are ongoing, permanent offers.  They are in addition to any other offers and promotions, such as our complimentary beverages and groceries for those staying with us for 6 nights or more.

The first is a 10% discount off our standard rates for those guests staying with us 7 nights or more, but less than 28 nights.  So, for example, our rate for the Garden View Suite is $75 USD/night.  For a stay of 14 nights, the standard fee would have been $1050 USD.  But, with the 10% discount rate  applied, the cost for the same stay  would be a mere $945 USD.  This is just one of the ways we show our appreciation for our guests selecting Tapion House as their home in St Lucia.

Our second is a 20% discount for those staying with us 28 nights or more.  So, a stay of 28 nights at our standard rate would have been $2100 USD, but with our 20% discount rate applied, the cost of the same stay would be an unbelievable $1890 USD!

Tapion House.  Home.  By the sea!

We love our guests and we want you to stay with us...... longer!