Tapion House

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It's always convenient and wise to have access to a cell phone.

But, don't run up big roaming and long-distance charges to call local  numbers. 

Just use the courtesy phone we provide and top up the balance at the end of your stay.  Only pay for what you feel you used.

For all our guests, regardless of length of stay, we offer the use of a cell phone.  The phone number is a local one (758-728-0268) and is ideal for calling local numbers.  It is a pre-paid cell phone and is loaned out on the honour system.  Just dial *120# and a text will tell the current credit balance.  Top ups can be made at many local stores, such as Super J, GL, Glace, Mega J at their "SurePay" counters.  The phone comes pre-loaded with numbers for taxis, Tapion House, emergency numbers, dive shops, tours, restaurants and more.

Is it stylish?  No.   Can you download apps and play games?  Nope.  Is it a smartphone.  No chance.  But it is convenient and does one thing really well:  make and receive phone calls.