For those guests staying with us for 6 nights or more, we have a few complimentary gifts for you.  This is simply our way of expressing our thanks for choosing Tapion House and to help you settle in and start your vacation as quickly as possible.

So, when you arrive for your stay, you will receive, with our compliments, the following:

a.  a bottle of white and a bottle of red wine (brands may vary according to availability);

b.  a dozen cold and delicious Piton beer, chilled in your refrigerator; and

c.  a $100 XCD credit (inclusive of VAT) for your immediate groceries.

Why waste your first day on the island being frustrated by grocery shopping.  After you book, just send a short list of the items you would like to have on hand and we will make sure they are in the cupboards and refrigerator waiting for you.  Milk, tea, coffee, bread, eggs, margarine, juice or whatever suits your needs.

When you arrive, enjoy a cold drink, a light meal or some fine wine - all compliments of Tapion House!

Tapion House

Home.  By The Sea!